Papanui Staff List

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Mr Jeff Smith

[email protected] 


Associate Principal



Ms Stacey Fry

[email protected] 


Deputy Principals

Ms Louisa Clissold 

[email protected]


Mr Tim Kirby 

[email protected] 

Ms Lynette Archer

[email protected] 


Assistant Principals


Miss Rachel McConnel
[email protected] 

Glenn Hooper
Mr Glenn Hooper
[email protected] 

Executive Officer


Mrs Gaye Parlane

[email protected] 


Deans 2023

Head of Deaning

Ms Lynette Starr

[email protected]

Shane Rose
Kaiako akoranga Tautoko
Supported Learning  Year 9 and 10
Mr Shane Rose

[email protected]

Emilie Hobson

Kaiako akoranga Tautoko

Supported Learning Year 11 -13

Mrs Emilie Hobson

[email protected] 

 Kirsten Hill


Year 9 Dean

Mrs Kirsten Hill

[email protected] 

Haden Powell

Year 10 Dean

Mr Haden Powell

[email protected] 


Year 11 Dean

Ms Kellie-Lee James

[email protected]


Year 12 Dean

Mrs Josie Welch

[email protected]


Year 13 Dean

Ms Jane Herman

[email protected]


Heads of Department 


Mr Daniel Greenwood (Gwd) Design Technology
Ms Anna Sullivan (Sla) 
Ms Michelle Dalley (dlm)
Mrs Jay Grubb (grj)
Drama and Dance
Mrs Sarah Hanlon (hns) 
Mr Steven ShawStudent Support Services
Ms Tanya SapwellSocial Sciences
Mrs Natasha Marshall (mrn)
Health & Physical Education
Matua Te Haere Stirling (srt)Māori
Mr David Pitt (ptd)
Mrs Sharon Scott (scs)
Kimi Ora
Mr Mark Soltero (slm)
Mrs Trish Spite (stt)
Supported Learning
Mr James Stewart (stj)
Mr Phil Truesdale (trp)
Mr Justin Warren (wrj)
Mr Daf Williams (wld)

Ms Tina Williams (wlt)

Food and Textiles

Teaching Staff

Mrs Rebecca Aitken (atr)
Mr Ken Ball (blk)
Social Sciences
Mrs Alexandra Bryant (bya)
Health and PE
Mr Liam Campfens (cml)
Social Sciences
Ms Melanie Carson (crm)
Health and PE
Ms Lee Chapman (chl)
Miss Judy Coleman (cmj)
Food and Textiles
Ms Anjie Connon (cna)Art
Ms Joanne Cosgriff (csj)Food and Textiles
Mrs Shelley Donkin (dks)
Social Sciences
Mrs Jo Dwan (dwj)
Mrs Sam Dyer (dys)
Kimi Ora
Ms Fran Edmondson (edf)
Mathematics, Commerce
Ms Freddie Elmes (elf)
French, ESOL
Mrs Andrea Gallop (gla)
Digital Technology, Commerce
Miss Katie Gibbs (gbk)
Ms Emily Giesteira (gse)
Mr Peter Gill (glp)
Mr Andrew Guy (gya)
Mr Graeme Hall (hlg)
Science, Data Reporting Manager
Miss Nicole Herbert (hrn)
Dance, Careers
Mrs Kirsten Hill (hlk)
Food and Textiles
Mrs Emilie Hobson (hbe)
Mr Glenn Hooper (hpg)
Supported Learning
Mr Matt Mallon (mnm)
Learning Support Co-ordinator
Mr Joel Martin (mrj)
Science, Outdoor Education
Ms Sarah McConchie (mcs)
Health and PE, Outdoor Education
Mrs Rachel McCormick (mrr)
Mrs Lynn McElwain (mcl)
Mrs Sue McLachlan (mls)
Learning Support Co-ordinator
Ms Heather McMillan (mch)
Mrs Claire McWhirter (mcc)
Health and PE
Miss Sierra Morgulis (mrs)
Health and PE, Outdoor Education, Kimi Ora
Ms Mairead Neville (nvm)
Mrs Rebekah Norris (nrr)
Adult ESOL
Ms Chloe Onekawa (onc)
Supported Learning
Mr Paul Peawini (pwp)
Health and PE
Ms Danielle Perrin-Castle (prd)
Mr Haden Powell (pwh)
Health and PE
Mrs Amy Rickman (rca)
Food and Textiles
Mrs Rebecca Roberts (rbr)
Mrs Kate Robinson (rbk)
Supported Learning
Mr Shane Rose (rss)
Supported Learning
Ms Elizabeth Roxburgh (rxe)
Miss Jennifer Rutherford (rtj)
Health and PE, Outdoor Education
Miss Tanya Sapwell (swt)
Social Sciences
Mrs Emma Scally (bye)
Health and PE
Mr Daniel Scowcroft (scd)
Ms Sara Sergeant (srs)
Ms Amanda Siave (sva)
Kimi Ora
Mr Michael Smith (smm)
English, Media
Mr Tim Smith (smt)
Health and PE
Mr Barry Stevens (stb)
Miss Rebecca Stewart (str)
Mr Chris Stoddart (stc)
Social Sciences
Ms Kendra Takle (tkk)
English, Media
Ms Janine Taylor (tyj)
Adult ESOL
Ms Brogan Turner (trb)
Mathematics, Supported Learning
Mrs Mary Warne (wrm)
Social Sciences
Mr Phil Washbourn (wsp)
Outdoor Education
Ms Megan Williams (wmm)
Adult ESOL
Miss Angela Willmott (wla)
Ms Cia Winter (wnt)
Digital Technology
Ms Jillian Woods (wdj)

Ms Leah World (wrl)




Mr James Stewart (stj)HOD, Senior Course Tutor, Year 13
Ms Kerren Langdon (lnk)Careers
Ms Nicole Herbert (Hrn)

Mrs Bev Gordon (grb)Gateway, Star Co-ordinator

Guidance Counsellors


Mr Steven ShawHead of Student Support
Ms Casey Brown (bwc)
Mr Cameron Dickson (dcc)
Mrs Lucy Richardson (rcl)
Ms Meg Temple (tmm) 

International Department


Ms Melissa Hayrick (hyl)Director of International Students
Mr Barry Dalkie (dlb)
Dean of International Students
Mrs Margaret Kinzett (knm)Home Stay Co-ordinator
Ms Yolanda Busson (bsy) 
International Administrator

Adult & Community Education 


Mrs Barbara Roper (rpb)Administration & Coordinator

Support Staff


Mrs Janet Anderson (adj)Teacher Aide Kimi Ora
Mrs Sarah Anderson (asr)Arts Co-ordinator
Mrs Yasmeen BahrainwalaTesting and Learning Centre
Ms Phyllis Bennett (bnp)Librarian
Mrs Karen Bird (bdk)Teacher Aide Kimi Ora
Mr Eddie BolgerGroundstaff
Mrs Kate BoltonScience Technician
Mrs Catherine Boyle (byc)Database, Administration
Mrs Kaye Brown (brn)Office Reception, Administration
Ms Anne BridgmanKimi Ora
Ms Kate BruceKimi Ora
Mt Tony ClarkKimi Ora
Mrs Lisa DraceFood and Textiles Technician
Mrs Canny Gaffney Teacher Aide
Mr Rob GilmourTeacher Aide
Mrs Janene Harris (hrj)Student Office, Administration
Miss Jenaya Harris (hjn)Kimi Ora
Mrs Robyn Haseman (hsr)Library Assistant
Ms Kim Hibbard-Melles (hbk)Science Technician
Miss Paige Hubber (hrp)Sport Coordinator
Mr Grant Jarvis (jrg)Ground Assistant
Miss Hannah Kofoed (kfh)Kimi Ora
Mrs Deborah Lavill (lvd)Teacher Aide
Ms Pat Lightbourne Teacher Aide 
Mrs Mel Miles (mlm)Absences, Administration, First Aid 
Mrs Lynne Morell (mrl)Office Manager, Administration, First Aid 
Mrs Christine Mulligan (mlc)Teacher Aide 
Mrs Kylie Phaup-Stephens (phk)Student Support Services Reception
Mrs Emma RiddellPayroll, Board Secretary
Mrs Sonya Rockhouse (rcs)Teacher Aide Withdrawal Room 
Ms Sheree Rosewarne (rrs)Teacher Aide Supported Learning
Mrs Nikki Seaton (stn)Continuing Education
Mr Terry Smith (smr)Teacher Aide
Ms Serena Thomas (tms)Teacher Aide 
Ms Jo Thomas-Hiddleston (tsj)Study Centre Supervisor, Alumni
Ms Lee-Ann Venis (vnl)Teacher Aide Kimi Ora 
Mr Phil Walker (wlp)Caretaker 
Mrs Julia Walmsley (wmj)Principal's Secretary 
Mr Richard Watson (wtr)Teacher Aide Kimi Ora
Mr Aston Will (wls)Teacher Aide Kimi Ora

Mrs Eli Wilson (wle)Teacher Aide 
Mrs Heather Yaxley (yxh)Teacher Aide