Accommodation Information

Students are provided with quality homestay accommodation during their stay in New Zealand which is closely monitored by school staff. The school's Homestay Coordinator is responsible for placing students into a suitable home in our school area and does her best to match both student and homestay carer's needs. If students do not require a homestay they must live with either a parent or a school approved designated carer. Police vetting is carried out on all persons 18 and over living in the household.

Papanui High School homestay accommodation will:
  • Provide a safe physical and emotional environment, conducive to studying

  • Provide a warm, comfortable furnished single room with study facilities

  • Provide 3 meals a day

  • Provide laundry services

  • Treat you as a member of their own family

  • Set reasonable house rules for your guidance and for you to respect

  • Encourage you to participate in the family’s activities and events (eg: household chores, sports, family trips) and help you with speaking in English

  • Provide regular contact with the Homestay Coordinator to make sure that you are happy in your homestay

Please Note:
Students are required to provide their own personal toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, hair shampoo, deodorants etc).

If you would like Papanui High School to find you a homestay, please complete the homestay section of the application form. You can find this on our enrolment page.
Parent Comment

"Erika's English definitely improved a lot over the year she spent at Papanui High School. She's still keeping in touch with a lot of people which is great. I also feel she looks at things from both a kiwi and Japanese perspective more and understands the good and bad in both societies." Justin Ross-Smith

Some interviews with students and their host families

Leo talks (in German) about his homestay experience

Yua talks (in Japanese) about her homestay family

Leo talks (in German) about his homestay experience

Yua's homestay family talk about their home, family and hosting Yua