A school uniform; promotes school identity and pride, minimises social pressures and is generally less expensive for parents.

Wearing our uniform correctly is important for our school tone because it shifts the emphasis from competition back to academic performance, personal achievement and mutual respect. These values are reflected in the school’s PRIDE values.

Students enrolled at Papanui High School agree to wear correct uniform to, from and at school and on all official school occasions.

If there is any doubt about uniform items, caregivers are advised to discuss concerns with the senior leader responsible for uniform prior to the purchase of any item.

Responsibility for interpretation of regulations lies with the senior leadership.

Regulation items can be purchased from Mainland Uniforms,  online via Withers and Co or from the uniform section of The Warehouse Northlands.  Items such as shorts and trousers need to be purchased from the suppliers above or the second hand uniform store.   

The expectation is that students are presented in a neat and tidy manner and wearing items from the list below.

Uniform – at a glance

Please note: There are no genders or season for the PHS uniform.  There is also no compulsory item, however all items worn must be from the list below.

Bottom – any of the following:

  • Kilt - Black watch tartan
  • Trousers or shorts - Dark navy (not cargo shorts)
  • Light weight skirt or culottes - Black watch tartan
  • Ie faitaga with PHS logo – Dark navy (only available from Mainland uniforms)

Top – any of the following:

  • Long or short sleeve school blouse - White.  
  • Open-necked short sleeve shirt or polo shirt - White
  • Long sleeved business style shirt – White

The above items may be worn with any of the following:

  • Years 9 and 10 V neck Jersey, vest or cardigan with PHS logo - Bottle green
  • Years 11 and 12 V neck Jersey, vest or cardigan with PHS logo - Dark navy
  • Polar fleece with PHS logo - Navy 
  • Shower-proof or lined jacket with PHS logo – Navy

Shoes and socks:

  • Socks or tights - Black, white or navy (No coloured logos or trims.)  
  • Plain covered leather or leather like shoes - Black (No coloured logos or trims.)  Laced shoes are to be worn with black laces only. 


  • Sun hats, caps or beanies can be worn outside the buildings - Navy, bottle green or black and with no logos or contrasting insignia unless it is the Papanui High School logo.
  • Headscarves - Navy, black or bottle green may be worn for cultural reasons.
  • Scarves - Green/gold, plain black, or plain navy
  • Tie - Bottle green


Students may wear:  

  • unobtrusive studs/sleepers in ears
  • one unobtrusive culturally or personally significant necklace or bangle

Please note:

  • Due to health and safety regulations sandals and canvas shoes are not acceptable.
  • Visible undergarments such as t-shirts / polyprops can only be white
  • Body piercing is discouraged for health and safety reasons but if worn only a small flat stud is acceptable and the rule of one unobtrusive piece of jewellery still applies.

Year 13 and above:

Tidy workplace appropriate clothing, hair and facial hair.  Please note mufti must meet the safety requirements for certain subjects.   This includes enclosed shoes for Science and Technology subjects. 

PE/Dance uniform:

The PE uniform is compulsory from year 9 to 11.  The Dance uniform is compulsory year 9 & 10.

Top - Blue air mesh top with PHS logo.  

Bottom - Shorts or 3/4 leggings (active-wear style) – Plain Dark navy or black