Adult ESOL

The Papanui High School Adult ESOL Department has three classes each of about twenty students. All our students are either NZ citizens or Permanent Residents and so are new New Zealanders who live here permanently now.

Our students come from a range of countries, currently Taiwan, South Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Afghanistan and India. All students are full-time and attend school for the same hours as mainstream students.

The course focuses on communication (speaking and listening), but also covers the core areas of reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. Students also sit NCEA standards each year and take Kiwi cooking classes three times each term. As part of the New Zealand studies programme, students go on weekly outings to different places in the community to allow our students to get to know their community and learn about opportunities that exist in Christchurch for themselves and their families. Examples of weekly visits are an art gallery or museum, local charity group, shops of interest, a walk or sports centre.

Todays Notices


Hip hop team rehearsal at lunchtime Today and Wednesday in the Dance studio.
- Monday 17th June, 2019 (MLH)
Come and check out the new creative writing display in the library. There are some great competitions to enter - get published and maybe even win some money.
- Tuesday 11th June, 2019 (BNP)
A reminder to Ms McLean's year 9 Dance class, 9WLJ and Year 11s to please go to B2 for your period 5 or 6 class today.
- Monday 17th June, 2019 (MLH)
Interested in Agricultire or Horticulture?

If so there is an awesome opportunity for students that see an interest in this primary industry to get involved in a teen Ag club. This can involve field trips, guest speakers, competitions - regional and national between different schools and more.

In a nutshell this club can introduce and give us more opportunities for leadership and future pathways involving agriculture and horticulture.

We are meeting Wednesday Lunchtime in A13.
- Wednesday 19th June, 2019 (GYA)

General Notices

Art Competition open to everyone;
Send us artworks that you have made at home – be in to win some cool prizes; 1st, 2nd & 3rd places –
email your image to [email protected] – All types of media acceptable including; drawing, painting, photographs, design, sculpture, film, digital. Winning works will be printed and displayed in the Visual Arts Department Gallery. Three entries per person max - preferably in different media.


Competition Ends 27th June.

Prizes drawn and winners announced on our instagram account – phs.visualarts – Follow us to find out more
Sign up with your Maths teacher or email [email protected]
All students in 9Prd, 9Chl, 10Hrk and 10Flr are entered already
Competition is on Thursday 1st August
Open to all year levels, no calculators, enter by the 19th June
Entry Fee $7
This week will see a particular emphasis placed on student attendance. This includes arriving to classes on time and being present all day. It is important that you exhibit the PRIDE values and develop good self management skills by being at school at 8.25am (or 5 minutes before your first timetabled period of the day). If this is not possible you are responsible for ensuring that a caregiver contacts the school via the app, website or school absence line, so that you are not given a U or a late detention. These detentions are generated automatically, do not expect to receive a reminder. If you are late to school for an unexplained and unjustified reason you will have a detention. Do the right thing and arrive at school every day with plenty of time to spare.


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