Adult ESOL

The Papanui High School Adult ESOL Department has three classes each of about twenty students. All our students are either NZ citizens or Permanent Residents and so are new New Zealanders who live here permanently now.

Our students come from a range of countries, currently Taiwan, South Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Afghanistan and India. All students are full-time and attend school for the same hours as mainstream students.

The course focuses on communication (speaking and listening), but also covers the core areas of reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. Students also sit NCEA standards each year and take Kiwi cooking classes three times each term. As part of the New Zealand studies programme, students go on weekly outings to different places in the community to allow our students to get to know their community and learn about opportunities that exist in Christchurch for themselves and their families. Examples of weekly visits are an art gallery or museum, local charity group, shops of interest, a walk or sports centre.

Todays Notices


There are no Meetings scheduled for Sunday 20th September, 2020.

General Notices

Please check the careers website ( for more details on:
Tuesday 22/09 Careers are visiting NZIS: interested students must see careers on Monday
Sign up to tour Ara's Manawa Health Campus these holidays
Take a look at Studylink Information for student loans and allowances
Check which events have been postponed or cancelled
Visit UC halls
Lots of other events, tools and advice are out. Check the site or your Sunday emails
It is time to celebrate the last week of school! Everyday this week different Councils will be putting on some great events to get involved with:
Monday lunchtime - Dance performance in the Quad
Tuesday lunchtime - Students vs Teachers in the Gym, Dance performance in the Quad
Wednesday interval - Jump Jam in the Quad
Wednesday Lunchtime - Bake Sale, Lip synch encore Open Mic in the Quad
Thursday lunchtime - Mega print in the Quad
Friday - Non Uniform Day - theme Flashback Friday - bring $2 to raise money for Big Brother, Big Sisters and cholmondeley house - both local charities helping young people in Canterbury
Lunchtime - Carnival Day - student Bands in the Quad, inflatables on the field, lots of food to buy in the quad - bring CASH


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