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"Our aim is simple... to provide the best education possible for every student"

Preparing students for their future2015 11 13 Jeffsmith

We are making a difference for our students and they are doing incredibly well. The school has worked hard to consolidate recent initiatives to ensure sustained and continuous improvement.

We look forward to welcoming all prospective students and their families/whanau to visit our school.

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Recent News

Todays Notices


This week is the third and final chance to compete in the NZIC 3 hour programming competition. It is designed for high school students of ranging abilities with problems aimed at students who have just learned Python, as well something a more difficult for those more advanced. The goal is not to complete all the questions, but rather to have a go and see what you can do. Some questions have sub-tasks that give you partial marks, so even getting some of those is an achievement. At the end of the day it is about having fun.

This will run on Thursday from period 4 - 6 in P7. If you would like more information or are keen to enter please email or see Mrs Maddaford for more details
- Thursday 16th August, 2018 (MDT)
Students intending to go to Mt Hutt Skiing or Boarding this weekend. You need to see Mr Dalkie at interval or lunchtime in H3.
- Thursday 16th August, 2018 (DLB)
Come to the study centre at lunchtime on Tuesday 21st August at lunchtime for a workshop on stress management run by a group from the Year 12 Leadership Team. Until then, a simple way to combat stress or to help ease the mind in preparation for exams is to exercise. Regular exercise, even in small amounts, can help lower stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins, improving sleep and increasing self confidence. It is also a good way to practice self-care by keeping yourself healthy. Find an activity that you enjoy such as a sport, running, walking, dancing or yoga and allocate a time to that activity everyday or two. Exercise also increases self confidence, it puts our mind in a positive state and also makes us feel good about our physical self, like our abilities and physique.
- Thursday 16th August, 2018 (SWT)
Arts Council meeting in R2 this Thursday
- Thursday 16th August, 2018 (ASR)
Can all Jazz Band members return their blazers to the music office ASAP.
- Wednesday 15th August, 2018 (PTD)
A big congratulations to Mrs Herman and the Papanui Vox Choir for a fantastic performance at last night Voices festival. Well done everyone. If anyone would like to join the Choir please see Mrs Herman or Mr Pitt in the music office.
- Wednesday 15th August, 2018 (PTD)
Ara will be in school on Friday to promote their Sustainability and outdoor education courses. Any senior students (year 12 or 13) who might be interested in these courses is welcome at this presentation. We will be in F15 from 9:30-10:30.
- Friday 17th August, 2018 (WSP)

General Notices

The 2018 House Lip Sync competition is next week in the hall at lunchtime. Come and see the houses battle it out for the title on Wednesday (Aug 22) and then the mixed groups and teachers show their stuff on Thursday (Aug 23). Don't miss out!
- Otago course planning session is 9:20 on Weds 15/08 and is a must for student intending to study at Otago next year
- Many tertiary scholarships are closing this week. Keep an eye ion specific dates
- Victoria University Course planning is 11:35 this friday, A12
- UC law and Criminal justice present on friday at 9am in A12
- Year 13 with no current destination for 2019 are invited to a personality and career testing session at 1pm in A12 on friday

Don't forget to visit for more information on these events and more
FRIDAY 24th August — will be a mid term break for staff and students and the school will be closed.
One of the year 12 leadership groups is conducting a “Kindness week” during week 4, and everyone should get involved. The aim of this week is to promote kindness towards others, as well as being kind to yourself, and the planet. We’ve reached that point in the year where we’re busy and stressed, and we want to promote positivity and kindness to motivate you. One of the main aspects of the week are the free hot chocolates our team will be making and giving out to students and staff on Monday, Thursday, and Friday before school 8-8:30 in J block next week. Only 200 will be given out each day so be quick to get a free pick-me-up to get you off to a good start for the day. So support us, support each other, and we look forward to seeing you receive a free hot chocolate.


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