Simon Schey

From Germany, 2012


I’m Simon from Germany and I had a really great time as a student at Papanui High School. When I decided to study somewhere in a foreign country, New Zealand was my best choice. This is because the people here have much experience with internationals and there are many people to help you with any kind of problems. I probably decided on Papanui High School because of what I read about Outdoor Education.

In New Zealand school is so different to school in Germany. You just have six subjects, but you have more choice. I took of course English, Math and Science and I decided on Outdoor Education, M?ori and Catering. I especially liked Outdoor Education, because we did biking and tramping trips. We had much fun, but still we learned something useful about the outdoor.

My family treated me as if I was their own son. Even before school started I went waterskiing with them. All the time I felt very comfortable with them. Also the people from the international office and all the others at school have been very nice.

I’ve been in New Zealand during the big quake in February 2011. My family and I were thankfully all fine. During the time after the quake I helped in the Student Volunteer Army. There I got to know how helpful and nice all the Kiwis are.

All in all I had a very good time in New Zealand and at Papanui High School. I met a new country and a new culture and many nice people.