Niklas Schwab - 2014

17 Sep 2014


Hello and welcome. My name is Niklas and I am an international student from Germany in Yr 13.

My first impression when I arrived in Wellington, for my orientation, was that it was very wet and windy but the people were very friendly, helpful and receptive. I had the same positive feeling when I arrived in Christchurch but the weather was cold and sunny.

I have a very kind, welcoming host family.

On Monday I came to Papanui High School and I was excited. The students here are friendly, cooperative and supportive. You have a direct connection to other people from different countries.  Papanui High School brings people together from all over the world. Different cultures study together.  In my school there were students from other nationalities but they were all born in Germany.  I think that this is very special to Papanui High School and that you have an open attitude to other cultures.

I am looking forward to my time here.

Thank you