Momoka Matsumoto - Japan


I had great experiences studying at Papanui High School, although I only stayed there for only 3 months. The reason why I chose the High School was that there were many classes that seemed to be interesting for me. In reality, the students and teachers were so great that I enjoyed studying at the school. At school, the home-stay coordinator, and other teachers were so kind enough to listen to my problems. They were so helpful. There were malls and shops around school and my host family’s house, so I had no trouble living there. The strongest impression I had at school was a 3 -day camping trip to Bush craft camp. At first, I worried what was going on, but I enjoyed more than I expected. That was the experience that I would not have in Japan. My host family took me to many wonderful places and celebrated my birthday. In NZ, the experiences that are not available in Japan. This is the best place that I've ever visited. I love Papanui High School!