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"Our aim is simple... to provide the best education possible for every student"

Preparing students for their future2015 11 13 Jeffsmith

We are making a difference for our students and they are doing incredibly well. The school has worked hard to consolidate recent initiatives to ensure sustained and continuous improvement.

We look forward to welcoming all prospective students and their families/whanau to visit our school.

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Recent News

Todays Notices


The school library runs a summer holiday reading programme for Year 9 and 10 students. This means you are able to borrow books for the December/January school holidays. Don't forget you also have access to ebooks and audio books as well. Please come and see Ms Bennett in the library to register If you are interested in borrowing books for the holidays. If you are not sure how to get access to ebooks and audio books, please see Ms Bennett as well.
- Wednesday 28th November, 2018 (BNP)
Please return your korfball vest asap to Mrs Hanlon in m2 office or Kirsten Hill in her office.
- Monday 10th December, 2018 (HNS)
There will be a rehearsal for Junior Prizegiving on Thursday in the hall as follows:
Year 9 prize winners - period 1
Year 10 Prize winners - period 3
- Thursday 13th December, 2018 (VNM)
Reminder to all Juniors - Combined Assembly this Wednesday Period 2 in the Hall.
- Monday 10th December, 2018 (BYC)

General Notices

The final visit for the year for the Public Health Nurse will be on Monday 10th - please contact Ingrid in Student Support if you would like to make an appointment to see the Nurse
All students who are using a school locker MUST empty their locker before they leave on Wednesday. Please leave it clean & tidy. Any gear left in lockers will be donated to charity unless it is named & we are able to return it to the owner.
Y10 Students:
Y10 prize winners to the hall at 8.45am
Rest of Y10 have Form time from 8.30 - 9.15am - uniform check, clear lockers, etc.
9.15 - Line up in form classes on Bball court (in front of M block)
Then move quietly to hall for prizegiving
Y10 Prize giving from 9.30 - 10.30am
After prize giving return to form rooms for farewells & dismissal.

Y9 Students:
Y9 prize winners to Gym 2 at 9am
Rest of Y9 have form time from 8.30 - 10.05, - uniform check, clear lockers, tidy room, etc.
Y9 Interval from 10.05 - 10.35am (keep away from hall area)
10.35 - Report to form rooms & Y9 prize winners assemble on asphalt area by G1.
10.45 - Assemble outside bball court (by M block) in form classes. Then move quietly into hall
11 - 12pm: Y9 Prizegiving
After prizegiving return to form rooms for farewells & dismissal at approx 12.15pm

Have a great holiday!


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