Our Enrolment Process
Step 1

You will need to read and complete the International Enrolment Form. You will need to use our online form, and attach the required documents (see step 2).

Our online form requires you to read the terms and conditions towards the end, and then sign a declaration form to say that you have read and agree to those terms and conditions.

Step 2

The following documents must be included to complete the enrolment process. 

  • a photo of the student
  • a copy of the student's passport
  • the student's insurance documents
  • the student's visa (when approved/available)
  • a copy of the student's latest school and attendance reports  - English translations to be provided please                           
  • the student's childhood immunisation records
  • the student's COVID 19 vaccination record (if applicable)            
  • the student's insurance documents
  • a letter of introduction from the student for their Homestay family

We will contact you as soon as possible to tell you if your application has been accepted or not.


If your enrolment is successful, you will receive:

(a) Letter of Acceptance

(b) Conditional Offer of Place and an invoice indicating fees to be paid.


You will receive a letter informing you that you have not been accepted to study at Papanui High School.