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"Our aim is simple... to provide the best education possible for every student"

Preparing students for their future2015 11 13 Jeffsmith

We are making a difference for our students and they are doing incredibly well. The school has worked hard to consolidate recent initiatives to ensure sustained and continuous improvement.

We look forward to welcoming all prospective students and their families/whanau to visit our school.

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Recent News

Todays Notices


Contemporary 1 (jumping) Rehearsals Thursday and Friday lunchtime
Contemporary 2 (slow) Rehearsals Monday and Tuesday
- Monday 19th March, 2018 (MLH)
Debating is on at lunchtime on Monday
- Monday 26th March, 2018 (JRV)
PhilSoc is on today!

Come along to B8 at 2:40 today as we delve into the tricky questions of 'life'.

See you there!
- Thursday 22nd March, 2018 (ADR)
Reminder that the Easter artwork and photography competition will be running next week. Send your Easter artwork and photography to along with your name and form class before Tuesday 3rd April to be in to win awesome prizes. Entries will be posted anonymously on our Facebook page: Papanui High School Arts Council 2018 and on our Instagram page: phsartscouncil2018 . Winners will be chosen based on the posts with the most amount of likes, so like and follow us to vote for your favourite artwork.
- Thursday 22nd March, 2018 (ASR)
“Sign up to SAVE lives at the Papanui High School Blood drive Thursday 5th April 9am – 2pm just after Easter. By giving up an hour of your time your one donation can save up to 3 lives, be a superhero and play it forward. You need to be healthy (no sore throat or flu), 16 years of age and no tattoos or piercing in the last 6 months. Check the Donor Criteria and put your name down at the student office and discuss it with your parents. Prior to donation drink plenty of water and eat a good breakfast and lunch and bring your photo ID. Give the gift of life – GIVE BLOOD!”
- Thursday 5th April, 2018 (VNM)
There will be a meeting for all Year 10 Class Captains at interval on Thursday in J2, please be prompt.
- Thursday 22nd March, 2018 (HNJ)

General Notices

The School Photo order forms have arrived, and will be distributed this week by your form teacher.

Please remember the following;
The deadline for order returns is the 29th of March. Any photo orders not returned by that date will be the responsibility of the family.
The student office does not process photo orders so please make sure that the envelope is filled in completely before putting it in the slot at the student office.
The extended Whanau photo will be on display in the Whare. The Year 13 photo will be on display on the glass door of the student office. The International photo will be on display at form time. These are available using the spare envelopes available in this area.
Start Monday in the Sports Office and/ or G4. Until Friday.
Options are:
Archery, Boys Mid Week Rugby, Badminton Club, Social Basketball, Social Football, Hockey, Girls Rugby, Rock Climbing, Spin, Table Tennis Club, Pool, Rugby League
Today's question: Where was the first place Mr Vanoort ever worked?

A) On a farm
B) In a Butchery
C) A shoe factory

Enter competition in Careers Department next to A12 if you think you know the answer.

Yesterdays Answer : It takes 14-15yrs to become a fully qualified neurosurgeon.
Next Monday we will hold an Academic Counselling Student Interview Day. On this day, students will work independently on course work set by their subject teachers whilst being supervised by their Academic Counsellor. Further details will be given at your year level assemblies. Please ensure that during this week you collect the necessary work to enable you to continue your independent studies next Monday.

Any questions, please see Ms Archer
This week is pride week in Christchurch. It's a chance to celebrate diversity and be accepting of students of all different genders and sexualities.
If you are a sexuality or gender diverse student or you are questioning then come along to Q Crew. It's a safe place to be yourself and meet other students in the Papanui rainbow community. See student support or any Health teacher for details.
All Senior Players welcome to attend first Skills session this Thursday lunchtime in the Gym.
Posted on the Sports Noticeboard
All to attend in the Gym at Interval on Friday.
All to attend in the gymnasium at interval on Friday
No tournament this Friday


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