Principal's Weekly Review 2 September 2022

Kia ora, 

It was my pleasure this week to drive South to watch our netball and girls’ hockey team play in the South Island Secondary Schools’ tournaments.  After three years absence, it is fantastic that these tournaments have been back on the table for many sports codes and that the weather in the most part has been spring-like and great for spectating. 

A very important time of the school year is the selection of courses for next year and there have been many events and discussions with students to help ensure that they are making informed decisions when it comes to their future.  Thank you to all of the staff who have been involved with this.  A reminder to those Year 10-12 students who haven’t returned their selection to do so please. 

For the first time since February, we have had a week with no Covid cases reported in our staff or student body.  This gives us optimism that we have escaped the predicted wave that was to hit us at the beginning of the term.  We are still working hard to prevent the spread happening here at school with the promotion of good hygiene practices and the availability of masks to everyone.   

You will be aware that we have used late starts/rostering home this week to combat the shortage of relief teachers which has been highlighted in national media. We thank our community for the support of this and it was nice to see senior students really making the most of their extra time to work on portfolios, assessments and study. Being able to manage yourself and work independently is a valuable life skill to take out into tertiary study and the work place.

We do not anticipate having to roster home again this term at this stage.  Our emphasis will be on maximizing the learning time for the remaining 4 weeks of the term.  Senior students will be very busy preparing for Assessment Week in Week 9, as well as working to complete their achievement and learning goals as set earlier in the term.  Junior students will be set for some continuous learning and practical and collaborative work in the coming weeks. 

The second half of Term 3 and beyond is an exciting time for schools as we celebrate success and benefit in seeing the culmination of hard work in things such as Infinite Dance, Soiree, the Production Class show, Fiafia night etc.  I look forward to meeting caregivers and whānau at these special events and in the celebrations that we will have at the beginning of Term 4. 

Ngā mihi nui 

Stacey Fry

Acting Principal


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