Assessment Week Timetable

Please follow this link to the 2022 assessment week timetable

Senior Assessment week will take place in week 9 over 5 days - 19-23 September.  During this week students will work on various assessments; practice examinations, complete internal assessments, attend tutorials or have an opportunity to work on their portfolios.  Students will be issued with a timetable for these assessments shortly.

When students are not involved with an assessment at school they are expected to use the study leave to prepare for their exams and assessments or continue with set class work either at home or school.  The Careers room, A12, is available during this time as a quiet study place.

Some assessments count towards a final grade for qualifications while others are practices for the end-of-year national examinations.  The results from these practice examinations may be used as evidence in the emergency grades process for NZQA.

Students please note:  

  • All morning examinations start at 8.30am sharp.

  • All afternoon examinations start at 1.00 pm sharp.

  • Be at your examination at least 15 minutes early.  Examinations range in time from 1 hour through to 3 hours.

  • Some examinations (usually practicals) require the student to book into time ‘slots’ – their teacher will do this with them.

With this letter is an examination timetable for you to check when students are expected at school. Please highlight the examinations/assessments you will be doing!

Examination information for students

  • Students must present themselves in full and correct uniform - students cannot wear watches in the exam.

  • It is wise for students to arrive with time to spare as important information is read to them at the beginning of each examination session. Students arriving late will miss this important information.

  • Late entry is at the discretion of the supervisor. (A good reason will be required.)

  • Students must bring two clear plastic bags for their equipment. One bag is their emergency pack with their cell phone (turned off) & house keys etc in a clear plastic bag.  This MUST be placed under their desk. 

  • The second bag has their blue and/or black pens (need spares),ruler and calculator if needed. (Students are not to write in pencil, red pen or use twink).

  • The students should wait outside their examination room and only have their 2 plastic bags.Notes from last minute revision must not be taken into the examination room. Everything else including revision notes should be in their bags which will be left at the back of the hall or exam room or at the front of G1.

  • Students may drink water only from a clear sipper bottle and the consumption of any food is prohibited.

  • Students are encouraged to stay the full time of the examination. However, they will be allowed to leave after 45 minutes if they choose to.  Students are NOT allowed to leave in the last 15 minutes of the examination.

  • Students are not to doodle or write silly statements on their examination paper.

  • Students need to enter quietly and quickly, and find their seats following the directions of the staff.

  • Students must follow all instructions promptly; failure to do so may result in them being requested to leave the examination and given a grade of not achieved.

  • Students must not talk to anyone except the supervisor(s). To do so the student must raise their hand and wait  for the supervisor to come to them.  

  • Students cannot leave their seats during the exam unless they need to use the toilet in which case they must put their hand up and wait for the supervisor to come to them. 

  • To leave the exam when finished the student must put up their hand and wait quietly for a supervisor.

For students with internal assessments, tutorials and portfolios please report to the room indicated on the assessment timetable with the equipment that you will need.  The teacher for that particular subject will have given you more information about what you need to bring.  

If you have concerns or your child is unable to make an exam please contact the Dean of the year level or ring the school office and they will connect you with the correct people. 

Ngā mihi

Louisa Clissold

Deputy Principal. 

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