Art History Wellington Trip 2017

20 Year 13, and 8 Year 12 students came with Mr Stewart, Mr Soltero, Miss Stewart and Sarah Anderson our Arts Coordinator on the trip to Wellington this year. The weather turned out to be mercifully mild and even warm at times. We visisted both Massey and Victoria Universities on the Friday for a full-on day. Ex-PHS students including Olivia Breese, Tamesi Harman, Oliver Foster, Genevievre Rae, Kyle Martin and Aleisha Middlemiss spent time with students telling them about what is invovled in their courses and what life is like after high school. Mr Soltero’s son even made a presentation about the Industrial Design programme at Victoria. Students were pleased to take in a bit of shopping on Cuba St. in the afternoon and a pizza dinner on the waterfront in the evening. The next day we visited City Gallery and Te Papa before flying home.