Our Counsellors are Steve Shaw, Meg Temple, Casey Brown, Cam Dickson, Anna Brown and Lucy Richardson

They are all fully trained counsellors and they get 'life'. All are members of a higher counselling body.

Kylie Phaup-Stephens is the Student Support Administrator. She will help you through the process of making a booking and connecting you with the right person (it’s quite painless)!

We come and go a bit so see below for our available times: 

Steve Shaw (HOD) Monday - Friday 
Meg Temple Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Casey Brown Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Cameron Dickson Monday and Tuesday
Anna BrownTuesday, Thursday and Friday 
Lucy RichardsonMonday and Wednesday

On this site we’ve tried to gather some helpful information you can read or print off for yourself and some useful links for you to take a look at. 

If you would like to reach out to us, ask a question or make contact for whatever reason, please feel free to do so. 

You can email us at [email protected] or call us on Tel 352 0703


You can make an appointment by emailing us or stopping into our office at breaks or between classes (don’t come during class unless it’s an emergency as most likely we’ll be busy with students). You can also ask your teacher to email us or ask at the student office.

Things get busy around here so it’s unlikely you can just drop in and be seen, expect to have to wait a few days, sometimes it can be longer. Obviously if there’s a crisis or something urgent we’ll do everything we can, as soon as we can. 

Reach out to us and we will make a time to connect with you. 

Fill out this form here if you would like to make an appointment...


You are welcome to come and see a Counsellor for up to one period each week. You are also most welcome to bring a friend or a support person for the first time if you need to.  


ANYBODY!  People come for all kinds or reasons. Mostly because they, or someone else has noticed something is not quite working the way they want things to in their life, and they need some help. Being a teenager (in fact being a human) can be kind of hard at times. 

Some people have huge stuff they want to work through, some just want to develop a few skills to cope with things: at home, school stuff, friendship stuff, the way they feel about themselves or others. Maybe they just want an adult other than their parents to talk through a few things.  

No problem is too big or small to come and have a chat, and there’s no wrong or right – it’s all about what’s helpful for you and what’s useful to help you feel ‘less stuck’. 


Counselling is confidential unless there is serious concern for your safety. We will mark you in KAMAR as an ‘I’ - (Internal Appointment) so you are not marked absent. We will not discuss details of your visit with anyone (including your parents) without your permission. 

What you say in Student Support, stays in here. 

Counselling is confidential. In most cases what you talk about at Student Support stays at Student Support. We will not discuss details of your visit with anyone (including your parents) unless we have your permission to do so.


  •       Need to talk? – Call or text 1737 any time to talk to a trained counsellor.
  •       Healthline – Call 0800 611 116 to get help from a registered nurse 24/7.
  •       Youthline – Call 0800 376 633 or text 234 or email [email protected]
  •       What’s Up – Call 0800 942 8787

                 If it is an emergency or if you, or someone you know is at immediate risk, call 111