Second-hand Uniform Sales

A service provided by PTA volunteers, for Papanui High families, and for fundraising to support students

Forthcoming Second-hand Uniform Sales

Saturday 28 October 2023 9am-10.30 am

Saturday 20 January 2024 9am 10.30 am

Both sales will occur in the hall


Essential Information for Everyone

Additional questions: please email [email protected]

Our major sales in December and January. Minor sales are held throughout the year, depending on demand and volunteer availability.


Information for Buyers

The full range of uniform is available and generally plentiful, except for Ie faitaga, PE shirts, junior cardigans, monogrammed senior cardigans and monogrammed senior jerseys. These items are new to the range, therefore only a small number have cycled into our stock. We expect to see more in future. However, there are lots of non-monogrammed senior jerseys and quite a few non-monogrammed senior cardigans, which are perfectly acceptable to be worn as school uniform.

Every single item has undergone rigorous quality control. Stock is organised by quality and size to enable you to meet your needs quickly and easily.

PTA volunteers are present at each sale to assist you.

Currently we have in stock:

  • New and 'as new' items. For those wanting top quality, immaculate items at a major discount.
  • A wide range of very good to good quality items, which are priced at 50%, or less, of retail.
  • A separate section of heavily discounted items which may be of interest to those who are happy to spend some time mending or cleaning.
  • We also have a small number of good shoes, and clothing in less than good condition (e.g. significant stain removal required) to be gifted to any student.



Information for Donators

The PTA takes second hand uniforms by donation only. Proceeds from the sales go back to the school to support students with co-curricular activities and to connect with the wider community at school events. If you have uniform you would like to donate, we ask the following; 

  • The uniform is in good useable condition, nothing ripped or damaged beyond repair or badly stained
  • The uniform is clean and folded
  • The uniform is in a bag or box to keep items together

Please bring uniforms for donation to the school office.