Second-hand Uniform Sales

A service provided by PTA volunteers, for Papanui High families, and for fundraising to support students

Forthcoming second-hand uniform sales

Tuesday 25 August 5:30pm–6:55pm

Last entry: 6:45pm

Location of sale

G1 study hall (signage will guide you from car park to study hall)

Procedure Under Alert Level Two

All protocols required under alert level two will be adhered to.

  • Sign in with name and contact details compulsory for all attendees
  • Please sanitise hands upon entry  
  • Physical distancing of a minimum of two metres
  • Maximum of 100 people in the hall

Important details

*Sales by cash and EFTPOS only (no credit cards)

*All queries to [email protected] (please don't call the school, as it is the PTA who run the second-hand uniform shop)

*The PTA only sell through sales (six or seven per year). Unfortunately we simply do not have the volunteer capacity to provide personalised shopping experiences.

Information regarding second hand uniform sales

For Buyers

The full range of uniform is available, although stock of cardigans and jackets are currently low.

Every single item has undergone quality control. Stock is organised by quality and size to enable you to meet your needs quickly and easily.

PTA volunteers are present at each sale to assist you.


Currently we have in stock:

  • New and 'as new' items. A new section for those wanting top quality items, at a major discount.
  • A wide range of very good to good quality items, which are priced at 50%, or less, of retail.
  • A separate section of heavily discounted items which may be of interest to those who are happy to spend some time mending or cleaning.
  • We also have a small number of good shoes and socks to be gifted to any student.


For Sellers

We welcome donations of school uniform. This option is often used by people as an easy alternative to supporting other fundraising efforts. You have the option to donate all, some, or none of your items.


We also sell uniform on behalf. For our work, the PTA keep 25% of the purchase price.


All profits from kind donations, and commissions, are given to our school through grants towards sports and cultural activities, and the like.



*Please bring your uniform to the school office (main reception or student office).

*Please speak to a staff member (they collect on behalf of the PTA). You will be provided with an updated seller information file. This must be completed at the office. (This is to ensure we can pay you when your uniform sells, that your uniform stays under your name, and so we can contact you if needs be).

Compulsory details are your name (i.e. the same name as your bank account), mobile phone number, personal email address, and your bank account details. Failure to provide any of these details will incur a delay in processing and/or payment.


Tips to increase selling price, likelihood of a sale, and ease of transaction:

1 Bring your items along in a bag.

2 Ensure clothing is clean, ironed, and free from stains, as much as possible. Soak white clothing in stain remover/whitening product.

3 Mend, if necessary. (This is not essential, but will command a higher price, if done well).

4 Remove pet hair.

5 Remove pilling, if you wish.

6 Fasten buttons and zips. Roll jacket hoods into their own pockets.

7 If items are dry-cleaned, please leave dry-cleaning tags and protective covers ON.

8 'As new' and new items will be displayed on our new 'premium' rack and will command a higher price. Always leave original tags on if item has never been worn.

9 Keep heavily stained, paint-splattered, considerably damaged, and non-regulation uniform items at home. We do not sell these.

10 Bring your bank account details (name and number) with you.


By having us sell your uniform on your behalf, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The PTA sells uniform on your behalf. Our commission is 25% of the sale price on all items sold on behalf.
  2. You may donate the uniform items to the PTA. (All proceeds will be given to the school through the PTA’s usual channels).
  3. Reimbursement is made when items(s) is/are sold, and is made by direct credit, unless a cheque is requested.
  4. Sales of $5 and under will be held until other items are sold, unless it is your last, or only, item.
  5. You must contact us ([email protected]) if any of your contact details or bank account change. If bank account is out of date, or not supplied, and you cannot be contacted, we will decree sale proceeds as donations.
  6. All items must be regulation uniform, in at least reasonable condition, and clean. Any other items will not be returned, they will be given away, or disposed of, without notice.
  7. By law, no socks, hosiery, or shoes can be sold. They can be donated and will be gifted (no charge) to any student.
  8. If an item has not sold after three years, we reserve the right to donate to the school, or dispose of, without further notice.
  9. The PTA will price items for you, or you can attach a separate list of suggested prices. The PTA reserves the right to alter prices if an item does not sell one year from date of receipt.
  10. Uniform sales are run by a small group of people who give up their free time to provide this service. Every care will be taken to avoid theft and loss of items. We take no responsibility for reimbursement of lost or stolen items.


Please contact Claire, [email protected] with any queries.