Principal's Weekly Review 8th February 2019

As a school we are continually looking at ways in which we can improve learning outcomes for our students. 


Following on from the orientation Year 9 meet the teacher evening two weeks ago, we held our Year 10 – 13 “Meet and Greet” evening last Wednesday night. It is important that families / whānau and caregivers have the opportunity to meet subject teachers, and get an overview of the year’s learning.  I would like to thank the community for supporting this event, and for the positive feedback.


The Year 13 Peer Support leaders continue to support the Year 9’s integration in to their new school, and are doing a wonderful job.  It is important that school culture and values are clearly articulated to our new students so that we can build upon our growing reputation as a school that supports individual achievement through high expectations, positive work ethic, and a strong sense of social responsibility.


We have hopefully finalised any major class changes, and it’s been good to settle in to a full week of teaching and learning.  From here on in, the full spectrum of school life swings in to action. 


The first PTA meeting of 2019 will be held on Monday 18 February, and I invite all new parents  to attend.


Jeff Smith