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This school is continuing to focus on its onsite delivery of the curriculum, as to this point, almost all staff continue to be present, and the number of directly Covid related absences remain relatively small.  As mentioned last week, we will continue to keep a ‘watching brief’ on the situation, and be responsive to any need for change.   

This week saw the annual Ministry of Education’s ‘March 1st Return’ take place.  Essentially, this is the official count of the number of students attending each school nationwide.  Students’ attendance is noted over a three day period, to formulate the count.  Student numbers form the basis for funding, and, in particular, for staffing.  Our total roll is expected to be over 1600.

On Monday 21st March the PTA will hold their Annual General Meeting, including the election of the Executive Committee.  The meeting will be held at 7.00pm in the Papanui High School staff room.  All interested whānau, parents, and caregivers are most welcome to attend to find out more about the role of the PTA at school. 

COVID Phase 3 update:  Clarification of positive household case, and household contact isolation requirements

Please refer to the table for information relating to a positive Covid case, and a household contact of a positive Covid case. 

Positive cases of Covid-19 — a confirmed case must currently isolate for a minimum of 10 days, and until they are symptom free.  If you are still sick, you should stay home until you are well.  Day zero for isolation is from the date you either develop symptoms or were tested (positive) if you had no symptoms.  

Household contacts of someone with Covid-19 — must isolate for 10 days, and take tests on day 3 and day 10 of their isolation period.  If a household contact tests negative on day 3 and day 10, and is symptom free they can return to school on day 11.  If you test positive during this time, restart your 10 day count.

A reminder that if someone else in the house becomes positive you do not need to restart your 10 day isolation count unless you test positive.  

Household contacts in shared-care arrangements (with a positive case in the household) -This may be either a permanent or part-time basis, and where the student has spent at least one night or day (greater than 8 hours) in a residence while the case was infected.  They become a household contact and follow guidelines as above.  If they move to the other home during that required period of isolation, they must continue to isolate when in that other home.  As per above, they can return to school of day 11 if symptom free and had negative test results on day 3 and day 10.  If you test positive you must restart your 10 day count.  

Please see the following Ministry of Health link if you would like further details or information. 

COVID-19: Information for household and close contacts.                                                           

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 Household Contacts