Principal's Weekly Review 3rd May 2019

Welcome back to our first newsletter following the holidays. The students were treated to some very good weather, so hopefully they have had a restful break, and are returning recharged and focused on the term ahead.

We have some key events happening in the first five weeks of the term.  These include:

Conference Day will be held on Thursday 9th May.  This day is one distinct opportunity when all three parties (the form teacher, student, and family/caregiver) can actively work together to share a common goal, to support individual students’ academic achievement.

 Open Night will be held on Tuesday 21st May from 6.30pm.  This will include preparatory visits to our major contributing schools, some current Year 9 students (who visit the school they came from), and members of the Head Student team. These begin next week, with a focus on informing potential incoming students of the values and opportunities that Papanui High School can offer, and to encourage them to attend Open Night with their families/caregivers.

 Staff Only Day on Friday 31st May, focuses on our Tōtaranui Kāhui Ako.  This day will bring together all our contributing schools/learning institutions’ staff to share a day of learning.  As a wider community it is important that we work together to understand how we can all contribute to ongoing support of student development, both academically and socially, as they progress from early childhood through to exiting high school.

 Polyfest 2019 - Our Pasifika group will join 15 other Canterbury schools performing at Polyfest 2019 on Saturday, which was rescheduled due to bad weather in March.  The day will run from 10.00am until 4.00pm, at the Christchurch Riding for the Disabled Arena.  Our students will perform at approximately 10.40am.

Papanui High School prioritises Academic Counselling  - Conference Day

Next Thursday, the school will be running its annual Academic Counselling Conference Day.  This day is a vital component to support individual students’ academic achievement.  As a school we have high expectations, and are striving to ensure each student reaches their potential.  The Conference Day is designed to actively assist in raising student achievement.  When students are actively aware of their own achievement and academic goals, they have greater ownership and responsibility for their success.  To support this, we believe the inclusion and support of parents / whānau / caregivers with the form teacher is paramount.  The Conference Day is one distinct opportunity when all three parties can actively work together to share a common goal.  Over the last five years, student achievement has steadily increased.  As a school we are committed to the continuation of this trend.  Our goal is to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability, and ultimately gain qualifications that underpin their transition to further study or employment.

 Please prioritise this as a “must attend” meeting, and we look forward to sharing the day with you.

 Jeff Smith