Principal's Weekly Review 22nd May 2020

Kia ora, 

This week has been a very welcomed return to the school setting for staff and students under the conditions of Alert Level 2.  I am very grateful for everyone’s support and understanding as we negotiate our way through this. Our students have been doing incredibly well, and are settling back into routines.

This week we have started each day with Form Time, which is part of our reconnecting process.  It also gives the students an opportunity to update their contact tracing form. Class time has been a continuation of supporting wellbeing, assessing readiness to learn, and slowly moving back into learning programmes.  Next week we will return to our ‘normal’ timetable, starting with Period 1 and Form Time returning to just before interval.  Under the current conditions of Alert Level 2, Year 13 students will still be required to stay on site for their study periods during the school day. Year 12 and 13 students who have study first thing in the morning can arrive after that, and those who have it last in their school day can leave at that point (as per normal).

The students’ morning entry to school has a natural staggering and we will continue to release Year 9 and 10 students five minutes earlier at the end of the day to spread the exiting out.   Many of you will have noticed how congested Langdons and Sissons Roads are at about 2.30.  The combination of the increased retail opening on Langdons Road, and more parents/caregivers doing the pick-up because of the bus limitations is adding to this. Can I please reinforce that this congestion usually lasts for about 15 minutes and we appreciate your patience and understanding. We are trying to move everyone out as quickly and safely as possible.

We have been supporting Northlands Mall in their endeavour to manage their Health and Safety requirements.  I would like to commend our students for their attitude in supporting this.  They have not been using the Mall as a short-cut to the buses and have generally been going into the Mall for the purpose of ‘shopping’.  

We have been reviewing, removing, and resetting the dates of a number of ‘events’ on our school calendar.  This process will need to continue throughout the year as this will be influenced by the Ministry of Health’s regulations associated with each Alert Level status.  You can see the updated key dates for 2020 below. We will keep you informed of any changes as quickly as possible. Important examples of this include cancelling the Academic Counselling conference day, junior report evening, and our open school evening for prospective Year 9 2021 enrolments.  Please note, Year 9 out of zone enrolments for 2021 close July 31.

We are looking forward to the continued relaxation of the criteria around the Alert Levels. This will enable an increase in accessibility to our range of co-curricular activities. This has been a very challenging two months, and our students can be proud of the way they have responded to this.

He waka eke noa – We are all in this together. 

Jeff Smith