Principal's Weekly Review April 12th 2019

As this term draws to a close, I want to thank you all for your support and understanding in what has been a most difficult and challenging month.  The Board of Trustees has started the process of appointing an independent organisation to facilitate a full review following the March 15 lockdown here at school.  The review will include feedback from staff, students, and the community. These details will be shared with you once the process has been finalised.  Our intention would be to use the review findings to reflect on, identifying what worked well, what aspects could be improved, and what may need to be added.  We will be sharing these findings with the Ministry of Education, so all schools can benefit from this information.


Moving into the start of Term 2, the school will be holding two key events:  our annual Conference Day for all students/family/whānau/caregivers on Thursday 9th May, and the Open Evening on Tuesday 21st May.  We look forward to an opportunity talk about student progress and goals on the Conference Day, and to showcase the school for potential student enrolments on Open Night.


I would like to acknowledge and thank our wider community, for your support during the term.  Whether this is in relation to student classroom learning, attending student performances, coaching or managing teams or groups, being part of the PTA etc, your help is greatly appreciated.  It has been a very busy term, and there have been successes, and much to celebrate.


Our whole staff is committed to doing their best to help and support our students to achieve.  The holiday period brings an opportunity for both groups (staff and students) to balance out some school work with a bit of a rest and relaxation.

 Jeff Smith





Sadly we will be saying farewell to a long serving staff member, Ms Alana Davis, who is retiring after over 40 years.  As a school and a community we would like to thank you for your dedication, valued service, and contribution to our school, and education in general.  This contribution has been immense and we wish you all the very best.


Farewell to Sarah Maindonald, Guidance Counsellor, who is moving to a Head of Department position at Mairehau High School, for the start of Term 2, and we thank and acknowledge her for her hard work and commitment to Papanui High School, and wish her all the very best.




Congratulations to our Associate Principal, Mr Mike Vannoort, who has just been appointed to the position of Principal at Middleton Grange School.  It is anticipated that he will begin this role at the beginning of Term 3.  This will be an exciting, new venture for him, as a school we are very proud that he has been recognised and appointed to this role.