National Remembrance Service - Friday 29 March, 10 am – 11.50am Hagley Park, Christchurch

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Papanui High school will be open for a full day of instruction on Friday 29 March.

Papanui High School will be represented at the National Remembrance Service by a staff member and our two head students. They have been invited alongside all other schools and learning services, by the city council and will join as one large group representing education.

Unfortunately the school will not be in a position to transport or supervise other students to attend this memorial event, as this would not be manageable at such a large occasion.

We appreciate that Friday 29th March is an important day and that some family/caregivers may like to take their child (children) to attend the National Memorial in Hagley Park.

If you would like to excuse your child (children) from school to attend the Remembrance Service, could you please inform the school of this prior to Friday 29th March 10.00am. This absence will then be recorded as explained and justified. As students will be in your care they are not required to wear school uniform.

Noho ora mai
The Senior Leadership Team
Papanui High School