To our school community families/whanau

We would like to thank our school community for the messages of appreciation and support received to date. We acknowledge in particular the compassionate care that staff showed for our students while they were in an extended lockdown on Friday afternoon.    

In light of the unparalleled and extremely upsetting events of that day, we would like to reach out to our families/whanau, offering our support and heartfelt condolences to those who have lost loved ones.  Our thoughts are also with our city and country as everyone has been adversely impacted by this tragic event. 

We are aware that trauma can manifest in many different ways and can affect anyone, whether directly affected or not.  The wellbeing of our students and staff is our absolute priority and we will be paying special attention to ensuring everyone’s needs are met at this time.  Our school is being supported by the Ministry of Education with their trauma response plan being implemented to provide us with support and guidance as needed.

Further supporting information includes;

  • Letting your child talk to help process what has taken place.  
  • Monitoring their social media use, particularly if watching traumatic footage, as it will feed the trauma response.
  •    Being mindful that those with a history of PTSD or anxiety may experience heightened symptoms.
  • Monitoring group gatherings of peers to manage the potentially increased emotional atmosphere surrounding the event.
  • Supervising and spending time as a family/whanau and keeping routines the same. This will help students’ process events and get back to normal.

Staff will be carefully caring for our students next week and putting in place any school-wide or individual support that is needed.  If you have any concerns about your son/daughter, please let your child’s dean or a school guidance counsellor know in confidence so that we can discuss how best to support them.

Alternatively, there are city-wide support services available to assist our entire community at this time: Crisis Resolution in the mental health services on

0800 920092 or the support line text 1737

Noho ora mai

The Senior Leadership Team

Papanui High School