Notification of Further PPTA Strike Action.


The PPTA have informed us today, 30th May 2019, that they are now giving notice (Pursuant to Section 74AC of the State Sector Act 1988) that teachers who are members of the Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) and who are bound by the Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement will be on strike in the form of Rostering Home (see below) from Papanui High School, as part of the National Industrial Strike Action which includes all State Secondary Schools, for the below dates.

Rostering home

The nature of this action will be a continuous withdrawal of all labour related to the Year Groups as listed below. This includes work which would otherwise be undertaken on the school site and that which would otherwise be undertaken away from the school site.

This means;

There are no classes for Year 9 on Tuesday 4th June.

(School as usual for all other Year levels on Tuesday 4th June).


Further action is timetabled for Year 10, 11, and 12 as indicated below.



Date of Action

Year Group


Tuesday 4 June

Year 9


Tuesday 11 June

Year 10


Tuesday 25 June

Year 11


Tuesday 2 July

Year 12


We acknowledge that this is an inconvenience for parents/caregivers, as well as having impact on learning, and hope for a speedy resolution to the contract negotiations.

Yours sincerely

Jeff Smith