Kimi Ora Admission and Enrolment Guidelines

Special Education Programme for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (Kimi Ora Unit)

The school offers a programme of study for students with intellectual disabilities who comply with the following criteria. 
The maximum number of students that can be accommodated in the programme at any one time is 21.


Students require individualised attention because:

  • Their level of literacy and/or numeracy is considerably below that of their peers.
  • They have an intellectual, physical or sensory disability but are still able to benefit from some mainstream programmes.
  • They require an adapted educational programme to best meet their needs.
  • Students must be in the Ongoing Resource Scheme

 An interview will be necessary for all applicants.

Strong family support for the student and programme is necessary.


All enrolments must be approved by the Head of Student Support and the HOD Kimi Ora Unit.

Procedures for enrolment in case of more applications than places available:

  • Students who meet the criteria for enrolment in the Special Programme and live within the home zone, will be enrolled ahead of applicants from out of zone.
  • A ballot will be undertaken for students who meet the criteria for enrolment and who live outside the home zone, should the number of applicants exceed the number of places available.
  • The ballot will conform to the balloting procedures as set out in the Ministry of Education instructions August 2000.