Accomodation Information

Accomodation Information-International - Papanui High School

Students are provided with homestay accommodation during their stay in New Zealand. The school's homestay coordinator is responsible for placing students into a suitable home in the Papanui area. All overseas students must live in a designated homestay. 

Accommodation may be arranged through Papanui High School or by a designated caregiver, which is then approved by Papanui High School.

Papanui High School homestay accommodation will:

  • Provide a safe physical and emotional environment, conducive to studying
  • Provide a warm, comfortable furnished single room with study facilities
  • Provide 3 meals a day
  • Provide laundry services
  • Treat you as a member of their own family
  • Set reasonable house rules for your guidance and for you to respect
  • Encourage you to participate in the family’s activities and events (eg: chores, sports, family trips) and help you with speaking in English
  • Provide regular contact with their Homestay Coordinator to make sure that you are happy in your homestay

A typical New Zealand home may have 3 bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Most homes have a garden and usually have pets (eg. dog, cat) that are treated as members of the family.

Please Note: 

Students are required to provide their own toiletries (i.e. toothpaste, hair shampoo).

If you would like a Papanui High School homestay, please download and complete the following forms and return to the school with your enrolment forms:
Homestay- details for placement