Music at PHS is highly successful, not only as part of the curriculum but also in supporting many school events. 

Once a student has reached the appropriate level, they are encouraged to participate in one or more of the many school performance groups.

Year 9

Music is a core subject for three periods per week for one term of the year exploring some of the fundamental musical skills including practical skills on guitar and keyboard, theoretical and contextual knowledge, aural skills and musical notation.  

Year 10

This course prepares students for further studies in all areas of Performance, Aural Skills, Theory and Composition, Music Technology and Music History. It is not a prerequisite to be learning an instrument in order to take Year 10 Music. However, there are many opportunities for students to learn through the PHS Music Itinerant Teaching Scheme, and students intending to continue Music into Year 11 are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this.

Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13

The senior courses cover a range of areas; Solo and group performance, Composition, Aural skills and score reading and Musical knowledge. A strand of Audio Engineering will be offered as an alternative to composition and this includes set-up and operation of sound recording and PA equipment. 



Lessons are available through the school on a variety of instruments. However, individual Guitar lessons do not start until Year 10 as it is covered as part of the Year 9 curriculum. There is a range of instruments for students to hire.