Learning another language can lead to many exciting and challenging pathways, not only because of the knowledge learnt in studying the language, but also the understanding and overall awareness that learning another language can bring.

Students are able to study in the following 4 areas from Year 9 right through to Year 13, all courses are full year options;

  • ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Te Reo Māori / Māori Performing Arts


English for Speaks of Other Languages is a subject that provides students with pathways to English literacy for NCEA and university entrance.

At PHS our courses are for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Courses contain activities and provide support in all language strands – written, oral and visual.

At Year 11 students can achieve standards for NCEA in English and EL (new English Language Standards).

At Year 12 emphasis is given to academic reading and writing skills, and to formal speaking. English Language (EL) and English standards are offered.

At Year 13 the course offers the NCEA Level 2 English Writing and Reading Achievement Standards needed for University Entrance. Although the emphasis is on academic reading and writing skills, students will be encouraged to improve their speaking and listening, and to give reasoned oral and written responses to a range of situations and texts.


At year 9 and 10 students will be introduced to the French language, culture and customs and will learn with a friendly, lively approach to communicative language teaching. By the end of Year 10 students should have an understanding of and ability to use most of the communication functions in Levels 1-4 of French in the New Zealand curriculum which will lead into NCEA Level 1.

In Year 11, topics such as travel, sport & leisure, holidays, eating out and health & communication will be covered. Students will be able to use familiar language in a variety of situations, and be able to understand and explain many French customs. There will be a focus on listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. A diversity of resources, such as CDs, DVDs and internet games will be used during the year. 

Year 12 and 13 French are a combined class and students study different topics in class depending on their year level. Students will continue to develop their language skills, learning more complex grammatical structures and gaining flexibility in using French in less familiar contexts. In Year 12 students should be reaching the 'social competence' stage of language development whereas Year 13 students will have sufficient knowledge of vocabulary and grammar to allow communication and understanding of complex information in French.