Foods, Technology & Catering

Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition at PHS develops students’ awareness of the important link between food, health and well-being and the importance of safe food handling whilst developing practical cooking skills to create healthy budget conscious food.


Year 10

Students can study Food Nutrition.

NCEA Year 11, Year 12 & Year 13

In the senior school students can choose to study Food and Nutrition or Catering and Hospitality. 

Materials Technology

Foods & Textiles

Our courses develop students’ creativity, design, and modelling skills to trial an outcome. 

Year 9

Food and Soft Materials are part of the core technology rotation where students study two of the four technology subjects offered for four periods per week for two terms of the year.

Students also have the option to select Soft Materials as a half year option subject for three periods a week. 

Year 10

Students have the option to study Design and Textiles or Food Technology.

NCEA Year 11, Year 12 & Year 13

Students have the option to study Design and Textiles.

Catering & Hospitality

Service IQ standards are offered for Years 11-13

Year 11 Hospitality 12F
Students who complete this course will be able to plan and prepare safe and nutritious food for the hospitality industry. It is a practical based course.
Year 12 Hospitality Junior Chef 22S
Students complete a semester course that covers hygiene, knife skills, sandwiches and grilling.
Year 12 Hospitality Restaurant Service 22S
Course content includes table service, waiting and serving to customers and a baking module.
Year 13 Hospitality Intermediate Chef 32F
This course has a focus on restaurant-style food. Students prepare food for sale and consumption in a cafe situation. Visits to hospitality providers are a part of the course.
Year 13 Hospitality Catering 32F
This course includes food safety, culinary products and nutrition in a commercial hospitality environment. All assessments are theory-based.