Student Council

The Student Council is a group of 32 students, composed of representatives from all year groups and committees from across the school. We meet every second Friday to organise and present non-uniform days, enhancements to school life and fun school events. One of the biggest events we run is the annual ‘Extravaganza Week’, a week full of fun activities for the whole school to enjoy. This week involves activities like the annual Year 13 Auction, Papanui Hottest Home Baker and the fun food-filled Carnival Day.

Every year, we are ably led by an elected Year 13 chairperson.

The Student Council is made up of representatives of the schools other councils.  Therefore to be involved you need to be an active member of another school council and express an interest in being involved in the Student council at the beginning of the Year.

Arts Council

The Arts Council is open to all students but typically comprises around 14 students, with most year groups represented. An Arts Council representative is also a member of the Student Council.  The Arts Council is student led with a Chairperson and Secretary, in 2020 we have a rotation system in place to enable those interested in these roles to each take a turn.

The Arts Council meets approximately every fortnight and focuses on finding imaginative ways to engage the student community in arts activities and to promote the Arts in general. In 2020 they are running an Originals project, promoting the sharing of original work by providing an online platform for students to submit their work. The Arts Council also organises and runs the annual Arts & Cultural Awards evening (ACES).

Sport and Health Council

The Sport and Health council is a group of 22 students from Year 9 to 13. Our goal is to drive Sport and Health initiatives and participation throughout the school. We drive these initiatives in order to embrace the school spirit that these activities bring and to promote the Papanui culture. We meet every Wednesday during lunch to organise events such as Staff vs. Student games, World Health days and discuss initiatives to promote the mental health of staff and students. Our main event is the Staff vs. Student competition which is held on Fridays in either the gym or outside and puts on display a wide variety of sporting talents within the school. 

The Sports and Health council is led by two student leaders, one Year 12 and one Year 13. Students can apply to join the council at the beginning of each year by attending our first meeting and by completing an email submission detailing why you think you should be on the council and what strengths you can contribute. From there, a select number of students from each year level are chosen to be on the council by the leaders and staff supervisor.



Service Council

The Service council is a group of approximately 20 people, 4 representatives from each year group. Who meet weekly, during Friday lunchtimes to discuss and organise current service opportunities available within the wider community. These include but are not limited to; can collections, rubbish pick-ups and Plunket work bees. In addition to this, throughout the year we raise money for various groups and organisations such as Ronald McDonald House, Cancer Society and CanTeen. 

Our aim as a council is to provide and promote service opportunities for everyone in the school. In doing this we work with the SVA (Student Volunteer Army), which provides students with a way to log service hours and celebrate positive work!

If you’re keen to be a part of this amazing group, we elect 4 representatives from each year group, at the commencement of the year. All you need to do is attend the first meeting, and if it sounds like something you’d be keen to continue with, flick us an email.

Visual Arts Council

The Visual Arts Council is a group of students from all year levels who are all passionate about visual art. Our goal is to find new ways to engage students by getting involved in our activities and to get their creative juices flowing. Whether this be promoting their peer's work around the department, organising activities like the Mega Print, or working together on projects like the Mural group or Create, we always find an interesting way for our students to get involved. 

Head Student Team

The Head Student Team is comprised of elected Year 13 students who have shown a commitment to the school over a number of years and have leadership potential. They are a keen bunch of students that share a strong passion and respect for school life. This group is usually between 12-20 students, and they meet regularly with the Principal and Dean each week. Throughout the year they contribute greatly to various activities through the various councils they are on, active supervision, assemblies and planning events to encourage positivity at Papanui High School. 

Year 12 Leadership Development Programme

This programme is a series of workshops that run throughout Term 1 to 3 for Year 12 students wishing to develop their leadership skills and learn about leadership theory. There are 3 to 4 sessions a term that are before school on a Wednesday and cover such topics as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, etc.  Alongside the workshops will be various opportunities for students to contribute to school wide activities and initiatives including a project that the students will organise and run themselves.

Peer Support

Peer Support is a leadership and mentoring programme that offers Year 13 students the opportunity to lead a group of Year 9 students the during beginning of year orientation and for sessions during the school terms. Students work in groups of between six and eight leaders and are assigned a Year 9 form class to introduce to the school, help build trust within the class, establish friendships, and develop communication skills. Peer Support leaders are trained at school in a two-day onsite training session followed by a three-day camp. They are continually guided and supported by staff throughout the programme.

Information will be given at assemblies in Term 3 for Year 12 students and application forms can be taken from Week 1 in Term 4. Applicants are notified in October of their success and information for training and camp will follow.