Sport at Papanui High School

Papanui High School Offers a wide range of sports both in Summer and Winter. We have over 32 sports to choose from. Each year we have over 600 students participating in both social and competitive sports.

Sports are broken up into Summer Sports, Term 1 and Term 4, and Winter sport, Term 2 and 3. Most sport is played on a Wednesday afternoon from 3 pm till 4.30 pm, with the exception of a few.

The School Sport Department is managed by Sarah Lamb - Sport Coordinator [email protected] , 03 352 6119 ext 839. The department is assisted by the staff and senior students of the school as well as parents and members of the community. Information about sports draws can be found via the Canterbury Sports Page and on our school app.

For further information concerning any sporting matter please do not hesitate to contact the Sports Department or read the School Sports Booklet. If you wish to keep up to date with sporting achievement please visit the schools Facebook page

To sign up for Summer Sport please follow this link 

Wednesday Sport's Draw

Winter Sport Clothing Orders

The 2021 “optional” Winter sport clothing items are now available for purchase all year round via the links below. ( Summer options will be available later in the year).

There are 3 items for students to buy; a Zip Hoodie (personalised options available), Long Sleeve Thermal Top and Long Sleeve Quick Dry Tee.

These items are for students to wear at games and/or to training. The items are not compulsory, and are not part of the daily school uniform, and as such are not to be worn to, from or during school.

Students may also wish to purchase a school cap, hat or beanie. These items are part of the school uniform and can be worn to, from and during school (but not indoors) as well as at games and training.

If you wish to purchase a hoodie, thermal or tee please complete your order with payment by 
clicking here

If you wish to purchase a cap, hat or beanie please complete your order with payment by 
clicking here

  Please note that prices now include delivery.

All year round


Both Summer and Winter



The Papanui High School Golf Team plays nine holes at Harewood Golf Club once a week throughout terms 1, 2, 3 and 4. Students get to play on a golf course ranked in the top 30 courses in the country as well as having access to professional coaching. 

In addition, there are two tournaments during the year played at various courses in and around Christchurch.

Papanui High School Golf caters for all abilities of golfer from beginner to experienced. Golf clubs are available for those students who don't have their own and want to try the game for the first time.

If you would like more information please contact Mr Warren [email protected]


Fitness Classes 

These are run in conjunction with the Graham Condon Centre and include classes such as; Boxfit, Zumba and pump.



Orienteering is a sport for everyone, whatever their age or experience. Orienteering is a sport for the whole family as it is easy to learn the basics and you can walk, jog or run, alone or in a group – your choice. It involves competitors using detailed maps to navigate their way round unfamiliar terrain. Usually this involves visiting a number of designated control (or way) points.

Orienteering at Papanui is for those interested in attending events in or close to Christchurch. The school pays a membership to PAPO (Peninsula and Plains Orienteering which allows our students a reduced fee (usually $5 each event) to take part and includes a map of the course. An additional cost for the hire of an electronic sport ident is also required (usually $3 each event) to record controls on the course. As manager, Mrs Gallop will try to transport to and from events if necessary and let students know about coming events including school competitions. Any Papanui student can take part individually, in pairs or small groups with friends and be as social or as competitive as they wish.

If you would like more information please contact Mrs Gallop [email protected]


Spin Class

Spin class runs in our schools very own spin room. 

Summer sports


This is played on a Monday night.



Touch is a popular sport at Papanui, played both socially and competitively. We have a boys and girls Super Touch Team that compete in the top level Touch competition on a Wednesday evening. 

Senior Boys Touch

Once students have learned the basics of Touch in their junior teams they move into the Senior Boys Touch team. Every year this team trains hard to qualify for nationals and every 2 to 3 years it travels to Australia to participate in the Brisbane All Schools Tournament. The team typically trains 2 times each week with additional trainings as it moves closer to tournaments. The team adheres to a set of values which include Respect, Unity, Professionalism, Belief and Ruthlessness. It is expected that these are adhered to both on and off the field and lay the platform for the team’s success and the personal development of the players for the remainder of their lives. 


Dragon Boating

This takes place at Lake Rua and is a great up and coming sport within our school.


Winter sports


Basketball is one of the most popular sports at Papanui High School and has a development programme for players of all ages and genders in place. Social teams compete in the Canterbury Secondary Schools Friday night competition. Our Senior U20 Boys Basketball team competes in the Tuesday night premiere schools competition and also as a club on Saturdays, as too do our U17 boys team.

This year Papanui High had 14 basketball teams including our Kimi Ora Team.



Badminton is played as part of the Wednesday sport competition. In 2016 there Papanui High had 7 Badminton teams competing in this competition.

There is also a chance for any students to have train and learn new skills on Monday afternoons in the school gym where Badminton Club takes place. 



Papanui High School has three football teams. A senior and Junior boys team and a senior girls team. All teams compete on a Wednesday with the Senior Boys team competing in the Canterbury Secondary Schools Football premiere competition run by Mainland football. 



Papanui has a boys and a girls hockey team that plays in the Canterbury Secondary Schools Monday night competition at Nunweek Park. Both teams compete annually at the SISS Winter Tournament week.



Netball is played on a Saturday throughout the winter season at Hagley Park Netball courts. Trials for this happen in Term 1 and all students who trial will be based in a team according to their ability. Papanui High School had over 70 students playing netball for school in 2016.



Rugby is a growing and developing sport at Papanui High School. We currently have a girls rugby team and three age group boys teams. Papanui High School has formed a relationship with Merivale/Papanui Rugby Club, which has helped to establish some strong positive values amongst our rugby teams.


Sports Tournaments

All of our Senior A teams and our Junior teams, where applicable, have the opportunity to compete in various South Island Tournaments both here in Christchurch and spread throughout the South Island.