Gen Connect

Gen connect is a student-run voluntary service for members of our wider community who wish to get help with technology or their devices or would like to learn more about them. It is run every Tuesday during term time by 3-5 Papanui High students at the Papanui Community Library. We help with everything from sending a simple text all the way through to transferring data from an old device to a new and everything in between.


Morning munch

Morning Munch is Papanui High School's breakfast club. We provide free breakfast to any and all students particularly those who may not have access to a balanced breakfast at home or have the time to eat before coming to school. There is a group of volunteer students across the different year levels who run Morning Munch and have been working on developing the programme for future years.

City Mission

3-4 times every month Students and Staff cook and serve the evening meal for the City Mission run Men’s Shelter. The staff and students volunteer their time and creativeness to create a two course meal  from the donated food.  It is necessary for the volunteers to be creative because they never know what food items will be available and for how many they are cooking. 

Students from the Year 13 Chefing class are joined by those students who want to give service to the community.  Meals are plated up and left for them to enjoy. Fortunately when there is not enough food or supplies School staff members who can not volunteer their time donate food and money to help us purchase essentials. 

Comments from students who have been involved 

“I really enjoyed doing the city mission, it was a great experience for me because I had never done that before. The men were very grateful and thankful that we did that for them. It was really easy cooking the food we made for the men because we just followed Miss Coleman instructions and I would 100% do it again”.

“We had made a few different dishes for the men including a fruit crumble and custard for dessert, and they were all thankful. It was a great experience.”