Arts Council


Student Council

The Student Council is a group of 32 students, comprised of all year groups and committees from across the school. We meet every second Friday to organise and present mufti days, enhancements to school life and fun school events. One of the biggest events we run is the annual ‘Extravaganza Week’, a week full of fun activities for the whole school to enjoy. This week involves activities like the annual Year 13 Auction, Papanui Hottest Home Baker and the fun food-filled Carnival Day.

Every year, we are ably led by a Year 13 chairperson.

To become a part of the Student Council you need to sign up to the other councils available and then you are voted on to the Student Council.


Peer Support

Peer Support is a leadership and mentoring programme that offers Year 13 students the opportunity to lead a group of Year 9 students during orientation and for sessions during the school terms. Students work in groups of between six and eight leaders and are assigned a Year 9 form class to introduce to the school, help build trust within the class, establish friendships, and develop communication skills. Peer Support leaders are trained at school in a two-day onsite training session followed by a three-day camp. They are continually guided and supported by staff throughout the programme.

Information will be given at assemblies in Term 3 for Year 12 students and application forms can be taken from Week 1 in Term 4. Applicants are notified in October of their success and information for training and camp will follow.


Year 12 Leadership Team


Year 13 Leadership Team