Tutoring at Papanui High School


Night School, evening classes, adult community education (ACE) – whatever you call it, people coming to their local secondary school after hours to learn together is a New Zealand tradition. Maybe they are returning to learning, want to gain new skills and confidence, meet new people, keep mentally active, follow a particular passion or become more involved in their community – there are lots of reasons why people continue to learn. In this digital age there is a wide range of opportunities available for on-going study but getting together with a group of like-minded people to learn something new is hard to beat.

Papanui High School Adult and Community Education Department are always looking for people with great skills to share their knowledge and experience with others and need talented, empathetic and inspirational tutors to deliver course for adults. The following information will tell you more about the processes for setting up courses within our programme and what is involved in being at tutor.

Our programme follows the four term school calendar and courses run during the school terms. For dates please see Important Dates. We plan our programme each Term and our brochures are printed each term and distributed to libraries and cafes and Doctors surgeries. Course details are also posted on our website.


The Adult and Community Education staff take into consideration the following criteria when choosing courses:

  • Courses currently on offer
  • Suggestions for new courses received from students
  • The needs of our community
  • The tutors educational and occupational experience in the subject
  • The proposed market for the suggested course


Course content is usually set by the tutor in discussion with the ACE staff. Tutors need to keep in mind why people take community education courses and flexible in their approach to setting their curriculum.

Course length can vary depending on the length of the school terms. Most courses run for two hours per week for 8 weeks the usual time is 7-9 pm but this can vary. Courses are also able to be held during the day at weekends.

Who set the minimum and maximum enrolment numbers and course fees?
Course numbers are set by the ACE staff in consultation with the tutor, and take into account the type of course being offered, the space available and the tutors requirements. Fees are set by the ACE staff and are based on the length of the course, administration costs and any other materials required.

Are there minimum requirements to be a tutor?
Tutors are required to have demonstrable knowledge of the subject being taught. For many courses this may be the result of your own particular work experience, formal education and training or self-directed knowledge. Most tutors are not expected to hold a formal teaching qualification. Tutors must have NZ citizenship, residency or a valid NZ work visa.

Our current tutors come from a wide range of backgrounds – they are people who may have a special talent, skills or set of ideas that can be passed on to others. The basic requirements are a love for your subject and a desire to share this expertise and a willingness to learn.

The following qualities are useful:

  • A good sense of humour and strong interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility and a desire to share ideas with people
  • An excellent knowledge of your subject and the ability to communicate ideas (and adapt these to different skill levels)
  • Professional presentation, punctuality and professionalism in working relationships
  • Good speaking and writing skills
  • A willingness to prepare before sessions and to meet administrative and reporting requirements
  • A willingness to participate in professional development opportunities
  • A willingness to reflect on feedback from students and take action as a result

How can I make a proposal for a new course?
If you would like to offer a new course, we suggest you phone us first on (03)3520701 to discuss your idea. If we are interested we will get you to email us a course proposal and a short resume outlining your background and education and any teaching experience, training and achievements related to your proposed course. We will then make a time for you to come in and see us to discuss further.

Please note that submitting a course proposal does not guarantee that the course will be accepted or included in our programme. If the course is advertised there are no guarantees the course will run the decision is based on enrolment numbers. Before you submit an idea for a proposed course check our website www.papanui.school.nz/adult-education to make sure that something similar is not already being offered. If you are considering offering the course elsewhere you may end up competing against yourself by splitting the enrolment numbers across different providers and then the course can end up being cancelled and both you and your students are disappointed.

Once your course is advertised and if it reaches the required number of enrolments to proceed you will be given a contract plus other relevant pay documentation.

Course Evaluations?
Participants are regularly asked to completed an emailed evaluation form. The Co-ordinator will contact tutors to give them feedback and discuss any evaluations that may give cause for concern.

Tutor Pay Rates?
Tutors are employed under the Adult and Community Education (ACE) Staff in School’s Collective Agreement. Tutors who have fewer than 200 hours’ experience tutoring adults are paid $30.69 per hour (plus 8% holiday pay, if they are not contractors), while those with over 200 hours’ experience receive $40.76 per hour (plus 8% holiday pay). Please note that payment is made for teaching (contact) time only – no payment is made for planning and preparation, or illness. Payment is made at the end of the course.

What do we offer our tutors?

  • An opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with others
  • Part-time tutoring opportunities to help build your resume

Contact us at Papanui High School phone (03)3520701 or email Barbara Roper the Co-ordinator at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.