Principal's Weekly Review 7th December 2018

This week has been very much a ‘business as usual’, in class learning, without too many disruptions.  The main activity beyond this has been the final Year 10 Outdoor Education camps, where students have had an opportunity test their skills in an authentic environment.

Monday was Senior sign-out for Years 11 – 13.  I’d like to congratulate the students on the manner in which they worked through this process.  Following the sign-out was the Year 13 BBQ lunch, and Leavers’ Dinner that evening.  Special mention and thank you to Mrs Welch, the Dean, and her form teachers for their contribution and commitment to ensure the best possible support and guidance was put in place, and as a result our Year 13’s leave us as mature, responsible young adults ready to take their place in the world.  Their Leavers’ Dinner was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and I’d like to thank the parent community for sharing in it with us.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw a large number of our Year 12 students training to be Peer Support leaders for 2019.  Their first task is to lead the orientation programme for our incoming Year 9’s next year.  Once again we have a superb group of young people who have been prepared to give up their time to support others.  In late January they will attend a final training camp in Hanmer, and we look forward to working with them up there.


On Friday we had the Junior Top House/Activity Day.  Our students thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities, and were engaged and full of energy, right through to the end of the day.  Establishing some House pride, and maximising the opportunity for all students to participate, were the key aspects of the day.  I’d like to congratulate the students for the manner in which they involved themselves, and the staff for the extra effort required to offer these types of events.  Following on from the Peer Support training, a significant number of the Year 12 students offered to help support the activities and I’d like to acknowledge their involvement, and thank them for their contribution to making this such a successful day.

Our school has been using Harrison Tew Consultants who are specialists in managing emergency planning to help us review our emergency procedures.   On Thursday we held an emergency procedure practice under the supervision and guidance of Harrison Tew Consultants.  The lock down drill went very well, and the feedback we have received to date has been very positive. 

Wade Harrison, a director from Harrison Tew was very pleased with our response to the lock down alarm and the safety systems the school has in place in case of such an event.  We emailed student families during the lock down practice to keep them informed, and then updated via our school website, which will be the usual practice that will be followed in the future.  The school conducts a lock down practice at least once a year to ensure our safety procedures are up to date and known by staff and students.

We look forward to next week, where we finish the school year by celebrating with our Junior Prize Givings on Friday, and this will be summed up with our final edition of the Papanews Community newsletter next week.

 Jeff Smith