Principal's Weekly Review- 6 April

The Easter break has hopefully provided an opportunity for a quick recharge for students and staff, which was supported by some very pleasant weather.  Having just completed the penultimate week of the term, and moving in to the final week, brings with it for many students, the culmination of the term’s work.  This will include, for senior students in particular, the completion of a number of internal assessments.  It is important that this completion of work is prioritised throughout the week so students can maximise the opportunity to pass and gain credits for NCEA.


Thank you to the students and staff who donated blood to the New Zealand Blood Bank this week.  NZ Blood are very appreciative of the opportunity to be able to come in to the school, and are very grateful.  We all know how important having access to ‘blood’ is, and that this can only be accessed through New Zealand society being prepared to donate this valuable resource.  The Blood Bank staff were most complimentary about our students’ politeness, mature outlook, and ability to be on time for appointments, which made the day flow extremely well. It is important to acknowledge their comments and gratitude to the school for supporting this vital cause.



It has been a particularly long term, and as such, it is important with one week to go, that we all maintain our focus and finish the term off on a positive note.

Jeff Smith