Principal's Weekly Review 21st September 2018

This week has seen our senior students sitting ‘Formative Assessments’ to assist in their preparation for the NCEA external exams later in the year.  These assessments are an important step in ensuring students are preparing for their external exams in November, while also providing a potential derived grade should that be needed.  Senior students will be given valuable feedback from these assessments on how they are progressing, which they should use as part of their preparation process heading towards those external examinations.  Students have also been working through the process of completing internal assessments.  As we move into Term 4, students should be thinking about reducing their part time work hours where appropriate, engaging their study plan, and talking to their teachers to support their ongoing learning.


I would like to thank the junior school who have busily gone about their daily routines around learning, particularly over the last week when we have had some rooming and time-table changes and an awareness of the need to have quiet areas when assessments are taking place.


We are closing in on the end of a very busy term.  Next week will include our traditional Extravaganza Week, which will provide a range of fun activities during the lunch breaks, culminating in an extended lunchtime Carnival on Friday.


Jeff Smith