Principal's Weekly Review 19th October 2018

Welcome to Term 4.


We all know that we are into the start of the busy end of the year, where senior students, in particular need to be focused on the upcoming NCEA examinations and important deadlines need to be met.  With such little time left (last day for seniors is Monday 5th November), it is timely to give a boost of encouragement to senior students to complete those last internal assessments, and to prioritise their focus on the upcoming exams.


Last Thursday we celebrated our Māori and Pasifika Achievement awards.  These awards hold a special place in our school, as we acknowledge our students who take pride in their culture, language, and identity.  Last year we were thrilled to have over 250 people attend, and as a measure of the continued success and value that this event has for our community, 350 people were present this year.  I would like to thank them for being there and supporting their whānau/Aiga.  I would also like to acknowledge the staff for their role in supporting the ongoing achievement of the students.


Friday saw that annual “Pappies” (Level 1 to Level 3 English Media – short films), Media Awards.   Once again the red carpet was rolled out, and we were able to sit down with a bucket of popcorn, and enjoyed the visual results of their hard work.  This also included a number of awards which were handed out throughout the evening.  As with the Māori and Pasifika Achievement awards, I would like to thank and acknowledge staff and our community for supporting and attending these events.


One of the real pleasures at this time of the year is being able to see and acknowledge student success.  Often this is done through formal events.  But it is equally important to recognise and understand that a students’ success on an individual level, doesn’t necessarily mean a “first place”.  For many students, their achievement is measured on a personal level, and is a result of having high expectations to do their best, and take responsibility for their own outcomes.  In understanding and acknowledging this, students position themselves for a positive outlook on life that is both full of possibilities and rewards.   


Next week is full of exciting and entertaining evening events, ranging from, Wednesday’s Sports Awards, the Zonta Sports awards on Thursday, and the concluding the week, the Senior Art Exhibition and Auction on Friday. I am looking forward to these events as we continue to showcase our exceptionally talented and successful students. 


During the school holidays two groups of students travelled overseas; the senior girls’ Hockey team to Fiji, and a small group of students to Japan.  Both groups had very successful and enjoyable trips, and were fantastic ambassadors for our school.  I would also like to acknowledge the staff who gave their time and energy to go on these trips.


I hope that you have an opportunity to enjoy the long weekend. 

Jeff Smith