Principal's Weekly Review 17th August 2018

On Thursday we held our annual Senior Course Selection evening. I would like to thank the large number of families/whanau who came to support their child in choosing subjects for next year.  This was extremely well attended by the external providers who provided a broad range of post secondary school options for consideration. This gives everyone the opportunity to cross reference subject choices with pre-requisites to further study and/or career pathways.  The feedback has been that this is a very valuable night, and that it not only provides a sense of direction, but in many cases supports engagement in school.  Simply said; students are studying the right things for the right reasons.

 On Friday we held our Senior Academic Conference interview day.  For our Year 11 and 12 students, this day plays an integral part in linking the conversations they had on Thursday night, with their planning for 2019, and to support their progress for the remainder of 2018.  We also know that our Year 13 students value the opportunity to spend the day focussing and prioritising particular aspects of their school work that they would like to make significant progress on.  Throughout the day, the Year 13 students had the opportunity to speak with their Academic Counsellor, cross referencing goals, progress, and next steps as preparation for 2019.  A special assembly was held for Year 10 students to support their understanding of NCEA and decision making about subject choices for 2019.  The Year 10 going into Year 11, Course Selection evening will be held on the 28th of August, and we look forward to parents and caregivers coming along and discussing this with the teaching staff.

  Over the past five years, a large number of dedicated Papanui High School staff and students have been volunteering at the Christchurch City Mission cooking for the Men’s Night Shelter.  The school’s involvement with the Mission was initiated through Ms Judy Coleman, TIC Catering and Hospitality, who has also actively participated in this over the years.  Ms Coleman has been on leave this year, and Ms Canny Gaffney (pictured) has taken over the responsibility of this in her absence.  Papanui High School is the only school that has reached this milestone (5 years continuous service) which has been recognised with a certificate of appreciation presented at the Christchurch City Mission Volunteers Award Ceremony recently.  I am very appreciative of our staff and students for their contribution, and grateful for the service of Ms Gaffney who received this award on the school’s behalf. 


Jeff Smith