Principal's Weekly Review 15 June

Over the last couple of weeks, and through to the end of term, there has been and will be, a relatively sustained period of minimal disruption to day-to-day classroom teaching.  This offers the students an opportunity for consolidation and in particular, for senior students, the completion of internal assessment work.  In saying that, we still have had students away on an Art trip in Wellington, participating in Outdoor Education in Hanmer, and of course, there is the Senior Formal next week.  


Staff have been busily writing and preparing Junior academic reports.  These reports will provide important feedback, progress, and next steps, for your child’s learning.  The Junior reports will be sent home electronically, and will be available to parents and caregivers via the Portal.  Junior report evening will be held on 5th July.  This night provides a formal opportunity for parents/caregivers of junior students to speak to subject teachers about their child’s progress.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Our senior students are well in to the academic year, and a number of them have started new semester courses recently. Although we are closing in on the end of Term 2, the senior students have approximately eighty school days remaining until the end of their academic year, when they take leave for their NCEA exams.  


Recently the Ministry of Education has been publicising changes to NCEA.  I attended a forum last Thursday (14th) as part of the process to support community and school consultation.  I look forward to sharing information in regard to the proposed process, and opportunities that are available for you to have your say. 


Below is an excerpt from the Ministry including a link to their website which will provide you with more in-depth information and access to mechanisms to ‘have your say’.


NCEA Have your say

On 27 May the NCEA review was launched. Reviewing the NCEA ensures that it remains fit for purpose and continues to support young people to succeed on a diverse range of pathways.


Over the next few months we want to hear from thousands of people across New Zealand from a range of backgrounds. Everyone with an interest in NCEA is invited to share their experiences and ideas. In English or Te Reo Māori, online or on paper, at workshops or hui, or through social media - you choose.


Education Conversation | Kōrero Mātauranga  to find out more about the Big Opportunities and how you can have your say on the future of NCEA. The consultation closes on 16 September 2018.