BYOD and ICT at Papanui High School

Papanui High School is now fully wireless and accesses ultra-fast broadband. We are a BYOD school and we actively encourage students to bring their own device to enhance their learning. Our teachers often use Google Classroom or Google Sites to enable our students to access their learning anytime. Many students will be familiar with this format from their primary or intermediate schools. 
If you have purchased a device for your son or daughter for Year 7 and Year 8, you do not need to buy another device for your enrolment into Papanui High School. If you are thinking of purchasing a device, we recommend a Chromebook as being a cost effective, yet robust option for your child’s BYOD. Students can log on, access documents, and use the internet very quickly. If this is not an option, then we recommend that your child’s device has a screen that is 7 inches or larger, preferably with a keyboard and able to connect to the internet. For example, a Netbook, an Android tablet, a Windows tablet, an iPad, an iPad Mini, a Macbook or a laptop. Additionally, the device must have “Google apps” downloaded (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms). Consider your child’s future subject choices when making a decision.
Whilst smart phones are useful and can technically perform the same functions as the larger options, they will limit your child's abililty to produce word processing.


Some information about Chromebooks can be found here. At Papanui High School we have found Chromebooks easy for students to use and able to connect quickly to the school network.  

You can purchase Chromebooks at a variety of stores. We support PB Tech and you can click here for further information. 

Warehouse Stationery also offers a range of options for BYOD.  

You do not need to purchase through either of these retailers; there are many places that sell these devices.  

If you would like to discuss any aspects of BYOD with us, please contact our Deputy Principal Louisa Clissold or our Faciliator of e-Learning Helen MacGougan