Attendance and Withdrawal Requirements


The same attendance procedure applies for ALL students at Papanui High School

(All procedures and systems implemented are consistent with the requirements on Sections 25, 28 and 31 of the Education Act 1989)

  • Explained absences (eg. Sickness, Medical appointments). The school must have an explanation in writing from guardian/homestay parent and Medical certificate if applicable.
  • Persistent unexplained absences would require an interview with the Director of International Students who will issue to the student a written warning with copies to the student’s agent/guardian/parents and New Zealand Immigration Service. If unexplained absences persist, the student’s visa may be revoked and the student returned to their home country.
  • Course study related absences: A ‘cause for concern’ letter will be sent to student/homestay parents, where there is a lack of work and/or poor attendance in any subject which could result in the student’s qualifications being at risk. A copy of the letter will go to the Agent/Parents with a covering letter/e-mail if necessary. A copy will also be kept on the student’s file. Ongoing concerns are likely to lead to the Student Visa being revoked.


International students who wish to withdraw from Papanui High School must:

  • Provide written approval from their agent or parents
  • Notify the Director of International Students and complete the school leaving process
  • Give homestay parents 2 weeks notice if hosted through Papanui High School

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