Coding Club

Papanui High now have a Code Club for students interested in programming. This group is for everyone, whether you are a beginner and never coded, just played in Scratch or are already programming in one or more languages. We have been meeting once a week at lunch time on a Wednesday in P3.







PhilSoc was established in 2013 as an after school activity for students who enjoy asking the 'big questions'. Headed by Jo Dwan, Liam Campfens, and Rob Adams, PhilSoc meets after school on Wednesday once a fortnight. At each session, one of the leading teachers, students, and, at time, guest speakers, deliver a presentation encouraging students to critically consider topics from both their own society and the wider world. Each presentation is followed by group discussion where students can share their thoughts on issues that arise. Some examples of topics that have been examined include free will, sex and gender, poverty, justice, sacrifice, aliens, and the existence of God. Students who have attended PhilSoc thoroughly enjoy the discussion and higher order thinking that is encouraged. For those students looking to take this opportunity to the next level, they are able to present as part of their NCEA speaking assessments and gain level 1, 2, or 3 credits. PhilSoc is completely voluntary and all students, teachers, and others from outside of the school are welcome to attend. PhilSoc: the Papanui High School society for the enlightened and open-minded!


Student ICT Committee

The Student ICT Committee meets every second Thursday at lunchtime in B1. Students representing a range of year levels meet to discuss how PHS can better meet the ICT needs of students. Ideas are then presented formally to the Teacher ICT Committee for consideration.

To join the Committee you need to email Ms MacGougan


Lighting and Sound Team