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Adult ESOL - Recent News - Papanui High School

Todays Notices


Important meeting for all students in Mr. C's Year 9 Basketball team in J2 Interval Thursday.
9Dbk - William Aranas, Maddox Arona-Gault, Eli Thompson, Russell Vargas, Lewis Wawatai
9Edf - Gerard Damalan, Dain London
9Cna - Toryn Adam, Daniel Brody 9Wld - Kirk Correa
9Srt - Tiamana Maihi, Tane MacDonald 9Rsd - Julian Taylor
- Thursday 27th July, 2017 (CML)
An important meeting for all vocal students this Friday at 9.30 R3.
- Tuesday 25th July, 2017 (PTD)
Girls 6 aside hockey team (Caitlin Ford, Linnea Jordan, Issy Wallwork, Caitlin Jameson, Maxine Sherriff, Paula Rodrigues Lopez) Please meet in P5 (upstairs P block) Tuesday interval for a very quick team meeting about the away game this week. If you can't make it please email Ms Dalley ( to let her know.
- Tuesday 25th July, 2017 (DLM)

General Notices

Trip to MT Hutt Sunday 30th July. Meet in room H 3 at interval for information. All RACERS for SKIING and SNOWBOARDING need to see Mr Dalkie ASAP. Payment and permission to the student office By Interval Wednesday 27th July. Any question please see Mr Dalkie.
Students involved in the Junior Netball tournament over the holidays are to return their tracksuits to the Sports office by Friday please.
Junior Boys Rugby League Players to collect a permission form from the Sports Office today to be eligible to play on Wednesday.
No Spin today
Nursing Information Session Tuesday 8 August 5.30pm - 7.00pm Room N104. at ARA.

Canterbury Employment Hub will be in A12 period 5 TODAY. Any one looking for full time employment feel free to come and listen. Please come and sign up and morning break with Mr Stewart if you are interested in coming along.




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